lundi 3 décembre 2012


Since I 've explored and been living in the blogosphere, I've discovered the  Scandinavian design (for which Ikea is giving us a little and precious aperçu), following blogs like The House That Lars Built, Anna Gillar, Artilleriet, Helten Kelt (see my blogroll to visit them). 
The distinctive features are the purity combined with the ingenious functionality but also a manichaean idea of the colours : black or white or B/W. I confess that I'm really hypnotized by that aesthetic expression and I've begun to be attracted by black furniture which is a big evolution for me as I'm addicted to White!
So, yesterday I painted an old classic chair (which was abandoned in the garage) in a beautiful deep opaque balck, using a paint spray. It's easier, faster and the result is fantastic!

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