lundi 10 décembre 2012


Sometimes, I like going for a malsain lèche-vitrines in the centre of Milan, right in the places where all the tourists usually go. Yes! I really like the bain de foule and quite appreciate its frantic atmosphere, its crowded shops, its bars & its noisy streets, even its dirty underground!

So, I had fun last Friday

walking in the snowy town

visiting the Christmas department at the Rinascente and not only...

having lunch at Okibà with Mozzarella di bufala, carciofi and a glass of Morellino

having a drink at the splendid Art Déco Arengario 

all this accompanied by the patient and whistling boyfriend ♥

and bringing home my reasonable shopping.

2 commentaires:

  1. J'ai été a Milan cette semaine et j'ai visité exactement les mêmes places! I love! Is it just a coicidence?

  2. Hello Cecilia! It's not a coincidence! They are such gorgeous places that we are instinctively attracted to them! Moi, j'adore m'y balader, par tous les temps!