samedi 21 juillet 2012


Nath, Gillou & Fab

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  1. bonjour! I love this photo! Thank you so much for the tips about Southern France on my blog. They were exactly what we were looking for and the type of experience we want. I hope I have some good stories to tell from it!

  2. Bonjour Brittany!! This is an amazing app for iphone I found out days ago! It's Tiny Planets and it's..great.. I love this picture too and i used it yesterday in the mountains with great expectations and...nothing more than sufficient results. I need some training!
    I love your blog. For me, it's the most beautiful, creative, imaginative, fascinating one in the blogosphere. The house that Lars built is the reason why I decided to create mine 2 months ago. Really! Thank you for your comment! I was like a full of joy 13 years old teenager jumping like a grasshopper when I read it was from you!

    Have a good week and au plaisir de lire your french adventures!

  3. Fortissima questa foto!la vedrei bene come copertina di un cd!!